Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dry, itchy, scaly skin that seems to be spreading on different parts of my legs?

I had the first dry skin patch last November 2007 and I dismissed it as something due to the cold weather. However, it%26#039;s been more than a year and it%26#039;s still there. Worse, the patches seem to be spreading but in different areas. It started in my lower left leg, now I have other patches in my upper thighs and my right leg.

I%26#039;ll be having a KOH test tomorrow but I%26#039;d like to get more ideas on what type of skin disease it can be. Hope you can help.|||Sounds like eczema. Thats what I have.

You should try this New Eucerin product. I can not tell you how much it has helped the itching and clawing. I am not waking myself up scratching my legs anymore. What a relief. Check this site out for a review on this Eucerin body wash.

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article鈥?/a>|||%26quot;cold weather%26#039; is the key here . .it%26#039;s psoriasis - Job%26#039;s curse - mention to your GP that my brilliant doctor worked out a combination of Elocon and Daivonex that works very well,although it can be a VERY persistent condition. Ignore all the guff about %26#039;dairy%26#039; and stuff that %26#039;naturopaths%26#039; will throw at you . .it is quite a serious condition,and only modern,Western medicine can drive a stake through its bitter heart|||Maybe it%26#039;s a type of eczema, or it might be psoriasis. Checking with a dermatologist is always the best choice.|||It sounds like psoriasis or eczema, particularly if a fungal or bacterial cause is ruled out.|||eczema dude, get that checked out

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