Saturday, December 26, 2009

How do I get rid of my dog's flaky skin?

She has the worst flaky skin. Looks like a horrible case of dandruff. It is mainly around her back/butt area. I added Missing Link to her diet for the Omegas but it doesn%26#039;t seem to help. Any suggestions?|||Depending on what breed of dog you have it could be prone to skin problems. You need to take it to the vet and see if it could have a yeast infection of the skin. Also check what kind of shampoo you are using. Try a dog shampoo that conditions. And be sure you are getting all the soap off too. If she is itching really bad and scratching a lot then it could be an allergy. Possibly some sort of plant that is in bloom or a food allergy. Take it to the vet.|||You might consider taking your pup for a vet visit. Yes, it might be just dandruff --- but, it could very likely be allergies. And, the vet might recommend special food or shampoo for your pet. My yorkie had very little hair on her lower back and we found out she had thyroid problems. She takes meds for thyroid, allergies and on special diet ... she now has hair (flake free).|||If there%26#039;s not associated hair loss, I wouldn%26#039;t worry as much that it might be more than just doggie dandruff. Some suggestions...Make sure you%26#039;re feeding a high quality food. When bathing your dog, be sure to use a gentle shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Be sure it%26#039;s a doggie shampoo. I use oatmeal shampoo on my dogs that are prone to dry skin. You can try using a coat conditioner and massage it into her skin. Gently brushing or combing your dog on a regular basis will help her coat and skin as well.|||It sounds like to me your dog has thyroid troubles.

Have some bloodwork done by your vet %26amp; he%26#039;ll prescribe you meds for your pet.|||Try gold bond powder|||Try bathing her in a special dog shampoo containing tea tree oil. It helps immensley. They sell it at most large co.%26#039;s like PETSMART|||Hi my dog used to get this all the time and it turned out it was fleas and it wont go until you get rid of them. You can get some flea droppys of your vet or from the local pet store, but be warned the ones from the pet store arent as goodas the ones from the vets.My dog had it very bad its called dermatitis caused by fleas, and the flea dropped the vet gave me kill the eggs where ever the dogs sits as well as the fleas. They are brilliant and they have no more flaky skin. Try using fragrance free shampoos also as if its caused by fleas then the skin will be sore underneath. I know you may appear not to have any preseance of fleas in the house, but dogs do pick them up on walks. So its worth to get flea control for your pet. Also get a flea spray and spray around you home and get carpet powder to kill any fleas in your home. The back and the butt is a common area for fleas. Get a flea comb and brush over your dog gently to see if you get any then you will know or just lift the fur.|||I would take her to the vet, many does have allergies and can be put on meds to help the problem|||Maybe try using a shampoo for dry flaky skin.i have some shampoo for that and it has helped Bambie ..Sergent%26#039;s puts out all kinds of shampoos i don%26#039;t think it will be hard to find what u need.|||I had to deal with this with my yorkie. We changed his food and we also bought this stuff called skin and coat which is very cheap. You put it on thier food. It has vitamins and minerals in it for their skin and coat. Plus use a good dog shampoo and conditioner. Dont forget to brush your dog as well that will help also. Hope i have helped even a little.|||Shampoo and Condition no different then you having dandruff.

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