Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to make my skin look great?

I have dry skin, that also tends to be blochy, and I have some acne. I%26#039;m trying to find some way to make my skin look fresh and glowing, with no acne, without buying soaps, or make-up, etc. Anyone know some quick easy ways to make my skin clearer and look better?|||Drink plenty of water. If you are well hydrated, that will be reflected in your skin. Use a good quality moisturizer (that won%26#039;t aggravate your acne) for the outside, and you should be set.|||Like every one with dry skin I recommend Moor Spa products try the rejuvenating mosturiser it has.

Allantoin from the herb comfrey which is has been used traditional medicine to help with skin disorders and psoriasis.

Anti oxidants which have soothing and anti inflammatory properties.

It should clear up your dry skin and the Allantoin and Anti oxidants in vitamin E are said to be good for problem skin.鈥?/a>

thats the answer i gave some one else with the same question as you i hope it helps you as well :)

What is the best skin products for anti wrinkles?

Any products that you recommend and have used. Is Aloe vera good for your skin? I heard that you just rubb it to your face.|||I use AVEENO its aloe and it gets rid of wrinkles plus its good for ur skin|||read tips on skincare and much more on this site|||My tounge is the best product, plus there is EXTRA stuff that will get you a little...hum.....exited.|||I have found that emu oil is the best, followed by jojoba oil in 2nd place, sweet almond oil in third: even olive oil works in a pinch. I rub on jojoba oil, wipe it off with pieces of cotton, then put some witch hazel on a piece of cotton and rub that over my face, then do the same with tea tree oil, and then fianlly apply some warm emu oil. It cleared up the acne I%26#039;ve had all my life and is the best anti-wrinkle I%26#039;ve found. And oh, so much cheper than the crap the cosmetic companies sell.|||Oil Of Olay is a really good product for all skintypes and They have a couple anti age creams you can use They have a cream you leave over night or when for just your Crows feet next to your eyes.|||Arbonne products try the travel kit

What do you need to take into account when dealing with aged residents to maintain the condition of their skin?

What do you need to take into account when dealing with aged care residents to maintain the condition of their skin?|||Allergies to any creams would be number one in caring for elders as you described.

I absolutely love silver skin onions in vinegar ( from the jar ) but dont have a recipie to use them in?

something easy preferably. you can also get these little guys pickled, you know the ones mmmmmmmmmmmmm|||I love these little onions too (not the pickled ones, though).

When I serve these, I usually carmelize them a bit in the oven and serve on warm bread.

They have a lot of flavor on their own, so the recipe is very simple

I don%26#039;t have an exact recipe because I just make it as I go along, but this should be close:

1 loaf french bread

1 serving silver skin onions

balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon Earth Balance (you can use any butter or margarine)

salt and pepper (to taste)

parmesano/reggiano cheese if desired (I don%26#039;t usually use this)

In a bowl, mix the chopped onions, balsamic vinegar, and Earth%26#039;s Balance

Put the mixture on a cookie sheet, heat in the oven on 450 about 15 minutes - watch for the onions to start to carmelize

Slice the bread as desired, put the onion mixture on top and add salt and pepper

Place bread face up in the oven until warm and slightly crisp

If desired, sprinkle some cheese on top.


This is a nice appetizer with so many meals.

In the colder winter months I will make this for myself to have with soup or just as a warm, hearty snack.

Hope you like it!|||2 oz Blue Saphire Gin

1/2 oz Vermouth


Shake and pour onto frill-pick w/ 3 pickled onions in the perfect martini glass


How do I prevent skin problems I get from weight lifting? Is this normal?

I started lifting weights and doing push ups and I started to get really dry and itchy skin on my biceps.

Also, I started using these forearm grips and the skin on my knuckles started to get really dry, hard and scaly, like reptile skin. It even started to bleed a tiny bit because the skin was tearing.

Is this normal? I%26#039;m starting to get worried.|||Your skin is just dry. Try using some moisturizing lotion (unscented) and put that on your dry areas of skin a few times a day. Also try to drink more water through out the day, especially because you are working out.|||Hey(:

I agree with %26quot;Scott%26quot;

That%26#039;s perfectly normal but just remember to wash up after each work out.

The weights and floor may be a bit dirty.

So, work out(: wash up then moisturizer

you may also want to try Vaseline. (it does wonders with dry skin) I promise

I hope this helped

xoxo Jenna|||It sounds like you are developing calluses on yr knuckles fr Weight lifting, %26amp; the rest of your skin is dry. If it is bleeding you need more than just a moisturizing cream, you may need to get cream with hydrocortizone in, some pharmacies carry over the counter creams. However you may need a prescription for a stronger formulated cream (just for the cracked/bleeding areas). Ask the pharmacist for a good strong moisturizer as well for the other areas that are dry.

I have really fair skin and big dark brown eyes and freckles with DARK brown hair, make-up color tips?

I always wear black mascara because i have really long eyelashes and a thin line of eyeliner. i like that shimmery look as well but idk how? tips please?|||i love make-up!! you should try shimmery shadows.

brown eyes go well with greens and purples to brighten them while brown shades make it look more natural. depending on the look you want. try two shadows such as a a pretty purple and make it look smokey by applying just a touch of black shadow or a darker purple at the outer corners. it makes it look real dramatic! i am going to school for make-up and i did this on my cousin.鈥?/a>|||I%26#039;m kinda the same my skin is more of an Ivory(on my face) but I do have really dark Brown auburn hair and freckles.And this is my daily make-up routine.

1) As soon as you wake-up pat your face with lukewarm water.

2)Pat your face dry.

3)Now work on your skin with concealer (over acne,cuts and,bumps)Powder(over everywhere even your eyes just close em%26#039;)and bronzer (preferable sometimes on those rainy days I like to look a little Edward Scisorhands A.K.A. no bronzer)

4)Pat some light dream blush mouse in %26quot;pink%26quot; only on the apples

5)Then take a lip brush and drag a carmel gloss over your mouth in a cupid-bow shape

6)mascara only on the bottom.

Hope it helped

|||WOW! I cant believe how similar you are to me. dark browns for the outer eye lid and shimmery- creamy colors on the brow and inner eye lid. let me give you an amazing tip for the next time you apply your mascara_ buy the brand %26quot;Loreal%26quot;;s called %26quot;voluminous.%26quot; Once you%26#039;ve done that, start applying the mascara to the roots of your eyelashes. then, get the brush, and roll it on the top of your eyelashes starting from the root to the tip. finally, dip your brush in the know how when you pull the brush out of the bottle and you have a %26quot;string%26quot; of mascara at the end of the brush? well youre going to put that mascara on the outter end roots of your %26quot;fills in the blank spots.%26quot; i sincerely hope you were able to underdtand what i ment. its hard to explain it over the web =? welp, good luck to ya +)|||i%26#039;d say brown eyeliner is your best bet, not black, cause black can look too severe. you can probably do either for mascara. for school or something, do neutral colors like brown, and you can buy shimmer eyeshadows at drugstores like cvs... just dont do too too much shimmer because that looks ridiculous!!

for night/something fancy, you can use darker colors or a bold color like blue or green (in moderation PLEASE, no on like to see blue eyeshadow up to your eyebrows!)

luckily you have brown eyes so pretty much all colors match!|||well u dont really need mascara if u already have long lashes (that%26#039;s the point of mascara)

for the shimmery look, focus on eyeshadow b/c shimmery blush looks too over the top (even for fancy occassions)

almost all eyeshadows are shimmery/glittery but u need to look at all the colors

try going to the mall and testing them (it%26#039;s free %26amp; helpful)

don%26#039;t wear neon-y colors b/c that%26#039;s too over the top (ie hot pink, rlly dark colors, bright colors, etc.)

focus on the neutral, warm, and earthy tones

use colors like silver, light gray, baby blue if u want color (stay away from pink), rlly light purple will work as well, light brownish colors

colors like that

u can also use darker colors if u want a mysterious or elegant chic look

try a thin layer of black, darker gray (not too dark), midnight blue, mixing silver with a bit of black works too

if u don%26#039;t like these options the best u can do is go to the mall and test colors at the makeup counter b/c u dont want colors that%26#039;ll contrast too extremely b/c then it%26#039;ll look tacky

hope this helps

also, if u need coverup then try the mall

go to prescriptives (it%26#039;s the sister company of estee lauder)

their coverups are really good and give u alot of variety from shimmery powders to basic powders to liquid coverup

(for the powders u need a special brush they sell to get better coverage)

for blushes, try mac

they have stuff like lipstick/gloss, eyeshadow (but u can get that from target), and blush (i think they have coverup as well but stick to prescriptives cuz it has minerals in the coverup as well)

my blush color is peachy pink but u should have urs tested out (same w/ coverup) b/c everyone%26#039;s skin is a different tone

again, hope this helps :)|||try to match your skin tone with a foundation. try white eyeshadow just below the brow and in that little area between your eye and nose.

use a light eyeliner to make you eyes pop.

|||i love the shimmery look, too.


i use black liquid eyeliner with a VERY small like of silver or gold eyeshadow over it to make it shimmer.|||try a very dark brown around the eyes that will make you look %26quot;sexy!%26quot;

How is the ppd skin test being measured?

My son got a negative x-ray but his PPD tested positive, doctor measured the rash that appeared on his forearm and it says 12mm.

A doctor friend told us the raised/elevated portion should be measured, but in my son%26#039;s case, the diameter of the rash was measured and not the elevated portion.

What is the correct way of measuring the rash to say it%26#039;s positive?

|||They test it differently - but that stupid test is miss-read so much. The best way to test for TB is a quantiferon blood test. However, they aren%26#039;t free.

Good news is he most likely has latent TB if he tested positive to the skin test and has no signs in the chest X-ray. Latent TB is not contagious, has no symptoms, and he will otherwise be 100% normal. Latent TB means he came in contact with the bacteria but his body walled off the attack; did not kill it. That is why he tested positive in the skin test. There is medication to kill the bacteria, but it is a pill, daily, for 9 months.

something like 1/4 people have latent TB and only 1/10 turn into active TB from there. People who have latent TB are at a higher risk than people who don%26#039;t, but still very low.

Latent TB isn%26#039;t dangerous unless the patient has some kind of disorder that lowers their immune system, such as the HIV infection.

But back to your question - people read the blister, not the rash.|||It is suppose to be the raised bump, NOT the red area. I have to get a test every year being in the health care business. Have had one for over 18 years.鈥?/a>

Skin tests should be read between 48 and 72 hours after the injection when the size of the induration is maximal. The health provider will look at the area of the PPD injection to see if any localized swelling has occured. In addition, the diameter of the induration will be measured and recorded in millimeters.|||the diamater of a raised portion is what should be measured, simple redness is not a positive test, but raised redness of %26gt;5mm is positive|||it should have been measured for the width and ht of it.Good luck